Interior Designer

Welcome to ‘House of Bea Interiors Design Consultancy’. If you are looking to improve your space for functional or comfort and living purposes we are the team for you. Our motto is ‘Dream big and Build a it’.

We would love to collaborate with you and make your dream space come through. We will listen to your needs, be it for your home, work or business environment then make suggestions and help you to make it all a reality. We will work with a variety of budgets and add a commission on top.

We start off with a consultation interview. This is priced at £50 per hour. Before hand we would require size and height of room(s), layout plan(a sketch or photograph is great for this) doors and window positions if any.

Our aim is to give you suggestions on the process to achieve your aims and let you hire individuals for the bigger work that require any council approvals.

We can be slightly more hands on in areas of soft furnishings, flooring and wall dressings. I.e colour schemes, researching paint colours, were to shop for accessories and overall artistic design.

1 hour zoom consultation interview (to anywhere in the world)

  1. We would create a basic room plan and mood board.
  2. Discuss budget.
  3. Plan action points
  4. Enquire on how living in the space meets your requirements,in terms of function, family, colleagues, work, pets etc

We work with a variety of clients to meet their internal spacial environments necessity’s, to become a more functional space that uplifts, enhances and evokes a high end living.

Let ‘House of Bea Interiors’ help you achieve your goals for a functional, peaceful environment to meet your needs.