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Weekly Art Vlog no. 18 | Getting Back to Basics

YouTube Channel Vlog

Hi and welcome to my website. If you have not been here on my site before hello, it’s awesome to meet you.

My name is Beatrice Ajayi. I am an artist, creative, illustrator and published author. I love to use a range of mediums in my artwork. 

You will find me working on a range of pieces both digitally and traditionally.

In this video today I am – sharing my latest news, and thoughts of the week, i am looking to expand my retail presence and i am conscious of the pressure to give my best  I therefore am trying to make sure i am feeding my creative tank with new inspiration and have decided on a path to follow.

As a creative and maker being able to generate work that you love and can elate others needs some investment and i want to be able to bring that into my process.

I now have downloadable artscapes on my website and also just launched my first ever online tutorial class on my website based in my recent superheros series. Check link here👉 to purchase.

Please feel free to comment and ask me questions. I will try and get back to you asap. I am always happy to share about art discussions and learn any tips from you all too.🎨

Thank you for watching and please subscribe to the YouTube channel & click on the notifications 🔔 button for more updates on artwork once you are there 👉

👉Downloadable Art for purchase :

🎨I also have online classes on Skillshare here: 👀 I am planning to add more classes here on my website also to the one I already have. Link here👉 🎥 Online Art Tutorials for purchase:

For everyday snippets in the ‘Lab’, which is what I call my studio, you can find me on my Instagram here; 👀

📕My Crime fiction Book ‘Origins | The Scarecrow Murders Trilogy’. First instalment two more books to come. All comments welcome.

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