Bullfinch Journey | Original Abstract Artwork On Canvas


Entitled ‘Bullfinch Journey ’


Substrate:- Mixed Medium canvas

Medium: mixed media & oil paint 

Size: 50cm height x 40cm width 

Subject:- Abstraction | Organic | Nature | Portraiture 

This piece is part of my ‘ Abstracts Realism’ series. I am always inspired by nature and how we engage with it.

I am avid bird watcher. Anytime I see a bird I want to name the species. I had a bullfinch fly into my window and I was really worried. It perched in the trees in my garden for a while. Eventually it was encouraged by its mate to start moving and flying. They look like they are trying to build a nest in the trees now. Thought I should paint the memory into this piece I was working on at the time.

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I love that you came by for appreciation. When one of my babies connect with you let me know  cause that would be awesome.







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