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Musings and current work – Beatrice Ajayi

I am really working hard to get my technique and inspirations fine tuned. I get easily distracted as to how to approach a Piece of work. I have an idea I want to do then I put a mark on the page that inspires me for something else. I am constantly asking myself why I draw or paint what I Do.

i love my abstract work and know I will never let it go, I love my figurative work also. So I am continuously trying to marry the two.

In my figurative work I want to put so much detail, and hadn’t found a way of doing it that I Enjoyed until a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been churning, yes! Churning out the work. But I know I still have some way to go in that department.
Bear Hug

Red Hearts on My Green Dress

Me and Molly the squirrel

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