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What is New In The Shop | website Updates

Hi everyone, I have been updating my website over the last couple of days. This has been long over due. The image above is a mock up I found on my Affinity Designer software. I plan to create some of my own which will be fun. Until then check out the ones I have used to add some of my products in a new and exciting way.

I have been itching to lay out the cute pieces and what I have available on my website for a while. I am aiming to be more cohesive and accessible in here.

Let me know about my new greetings card layout: Link to the shop page here to check it all out

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New Art Studio Share now on my youtube channel August no. 22

Hi and welcome to my YouTube channel ‘Bea Creative TV’. If you have not been here on my channel before hello, it’s awesome to meet you.

My name is Beatrice Ajayi. I am an artist, creative, illustrator and published author. I love to use a range of mediums in my artwork. Welcome to my channel ‘Bea Creative TV’.

You will find me working on a range of pieces both digitally and traditionally.

In this brief video today I am sharing snippets of my week. Mainly traditional tools, upcoming online class. It’s a shorter video because I am trying to focus on quality and editing, let’s see how it goes week to week. I am trying to make this more of a weekly update of my week and relax in my production approach. Looking at what music I want to use and discover my style is going to be fun.

Please do subscribe it helps me a lot in a whole bunch of ways. Getting more views through the algorithm and therefore reaching more people with my creative adventures. I want to make as many peoples days brighter with my characters and shenanigans as possible. 🤣 Hopefully I will figure out how to add my joking skills in to my videos. Maybe as I get a little more relaxed. A step at a time I guess. Link here:

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Clay Sculptures | Original Art Process | Real-time Project | Artist In The Studio Wednesday Live | August

Blog week 2 Aug

Hi folks and welcome to another blog post here on my website.  

I have been getting up to all sorts of creative fun recently. 

One of these has been to get back to my clay journey. 

I really want to put my illustrated characters and ideas into a more tactical medium. Working with clay is very relaxing to me. I have been exploring the restful approach to my creating. Trying something new that is out of my comfort zone seems to be it.

I have worked with airdry clay before but wanted to use ceramic clay and glazes. I want to get into more functional creativity. Using mediums that are more accessible to people is a start. 

You can see my fledgling step into ceramics here in my New Wednesday Live link:

You can also check out last Fridays studio share here:

See you in the next blog and check out my other resources below👇

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Insitu Photo creations for my Artwork

🔴SOLD Hope you had a lovely day today. On my to do list for 2022 was to create in situ photos of my artwork. So hence the recent compilation of scenic environs showcasing my art. Here’s to sustaining it by creating a bazillion artwork this year. (Basically no more than usual then) 😂🤣this piece was 100cm x 100cm. 

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Slow Down | Be Present | 9th January 2022

Blogs on my Website 2022

Nine days in to the new year and I am having to remind myself to slow down.

To be present…

We had a power cut on my street yesterday which put a stop to my digital work. So we spent time telling the kids stories from our youth. 

They huffed and puffed a little about their lack of technology, (ok a lot!😂🤣), asking why different items in the house weren’t working. Almost four hours later… when everything blasted back into brightness, their joyous screams were hilarious. They zipped around connecting their gadgets to electric lifelines. 

We had paused on our doing and had been drawn together in teaching them a little more about thankfulness and not taking things for granted. 

I need to be present and not take this year for granted. 

P.S I hope you have a lovely day folks. 🤗

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My Shop:

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Friday 19/11/2021 in the Studio

Spent an hour on this piece to keep my hand memory going yesterday. A quick sketch on this embroidery hoop I have had for a while and I was off. As always had an impression of where I wanted to go with it. I.e mood, a dog or two a boy. I made sure I had a variation on the primary colours on my palette and got started. It was fun. I love looking at my time lapses and trying to get a little knowledge on how I work.

You can find more on my art process videos and studio happenings on my YouTube channel here:

I also have other places to find me below:


For more detailed art tips and process especially for beginner artists I also have online classes on Skillshare here: 👀

You can find me on Patreon here: I am working in making my tiers easier to work through. 

For everyday snippets in the ‘Lab’, which is what I call my studio, you can find me on my Instagram here; 👀

I am also on Facebook, so we can connect there too 👀

My Crime fiction Book ‘Origins | The Scarecrow Murders Trilogy’. First instalment two more books to come. All comments welcome.

🌻🌻Etsy shops:-

1)  Original Art

2)  Big eyed kids prints n originals

speak to you soon

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Art Print Release: Old Pumpkin Grove

Post Content

Hi everyone, I am really excited to share one of my latest digital paintings with you. I haven’t been doing as much digital painting. I started off this piece not really expecting much from it. I took it very slowly doing a wide range of projects in between. I would come back to it randomly with out focus. Adding and adjusting in a very lazy way to be honest. But it has surpassed what I intended or envisioned. I LOVE it a lot!!!

Sometimes I start with a narrative other times I kinda make it up as I go. I had never created a piece with a pumpkin. So it was exciting to see what I could do it’s mood comes from the place of it being under the hedge than any dark connotations. I think what sparked the initial pumpkin idea was the growing of the pumpkin seed I am doing with my kids in the vegetable garden.

I always like to add my triangle of interest. My bird cohabiting is a familiar addition of nature’s symbiosis and accommodation of its varying species. The mouse I would say represents a variety of characters, sometimes me the artist, a way of intertwining myself in the story.

This new piece entitled ‘Old Pumpkin Grove’ is available for purchase in my shop.

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New Artwork

Hi everyone, I hope you are staying safe during this time. I just got back from my family daily walk. It is sunny and the fresh breeze did a lot of good for me. I also added three new originals today to my shop. A stag piece and two florals. I plan to update the website shop continuously with new pieces because the brick and mortar business I run with four other artists is currently shut. It has taking me a while to get back into creating. I am slowly getting my energy levels up. I will keep you updated, until then stay safe and speak to you soon. 🤓

Stag of The water Glades
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Clay Sculptures

So I have wanted to create sculptures of my characters for a while and have finally figured out a way to do it. In the image you will see two cute individuals I have managed to carve out carefully. I still need to tweak them slightly but I am immensely happy with them. I have so many ideas, but in order to reign it back slight I think I will create pieces in series or following my guide in library of already created characters. They will be one of apiece kinds. I am excited to make more. I will also do some for commissions possibly, will see how I feel about that. Other news coming on a new venture. So will keep you posted. Spk soon. 😊

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Alice and The Cat Video Process – Art by Beatrice Ajayi

Alice & The Cat

Hi everyone, hope you all doing ok. I have been working on a variety of self directed projects. One of those projects I stumbled into. I decided to create some work in black and white sketchy style. It had been a while that I have done sketches as a focal point of my work. They are usually used as a stepping stool to colour work of late.

I sketched my first cutie and was inspire to create a series of Alice in wonderland sketchy drawings.
This is a link to the fourth in the series of work. You can find other process videos related to the Alice theme in my Channel under my name ‘Beatrice Ajayi’

You can view the process here: Alice & The Cat