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Clay Sculptures | Original Art Process | Real-time Project | Artist In The Studio Wednesday Live | August

Blog week 2 Aug

Hi folks and welcome to another blog post here on my website.  

I have been getting up to all sorts of creative fun recently. 

One of these has been to get back to my clay journey. 

I really want to put my illustrated characters and ideas into a more tactical medium. Working with clay is very relaxing to me. I have been exploring the restful approach to my creating. Trying something new that is out of my comfort zone seems to be it.

I have worked with airdry clay before but wanted to use ceramic clay and glazes. I want to get into more functional creativity. Using mediums that are more accessible to people is a start. 

You can see my fledgling step into ceramics here in my New Wednesday Live link:

You can also check out last Fridays studio share here:

See you in the next blog and check out my other resources below👇

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