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New Art Studio Share now on my youtube channel August no. 22

Hi and welcome to my YouTube channel ‘Bea Creative TV’. If you have not been here on my channel before hello, it’s awesome to meet you.

My name is Beatrice Ajayi. I am an artist, creative, illustrator and published author. I love to use a range of mediums in my artwork. Welcome to my channel ‘Bea Creative TV’.

You will find me working on a range of pieces both digitally and traditionally.

In this brief video today I am sharing snippets of my week. Mainly traditional tools, upcoming online class. It’s a shorter video because I am trying to focus on quality and editing, let’s see how it goes week to week. I am trying to make this more of a weekly update of my week and relax in my production approach. Looking at what music I want to use and discover my style is going to be fun.

Please do subscribe it helps me a lot in a whole bunch of ways. Getting more views through the algorithm and therefore reaching more people with my creative adventures. I want to make as many peoples days brighter with my characters and shenanigans as possible. 🤣 Hopefully I will figure out how to add my joking skills in to my videos. Maybe as I get a little more relaxed. A step at a time I guess. Link here:

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