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Week by Week Art – Beatrice Ajayi 22/04/13

A Mother and Her Twin Daughters
A Mother and Her Twin Daughters










Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend, I know I did, and am ready to continue the week on the same train. I blogged last week about my new project week by week art. So here is the first Pic of the week. This work is entitled ‘The Empress and herDaughters’ it’s a  piece I drew along time ago on watercolour paper. It was black and white, but for the purpose of my week by week art, I coloured the background as a start towards finishing the piece by the end of this week.

i still doubt myself far too much when it comes to painting in colour especially my figurative work. Hope to have a progress pic tomorrow. At the end of the week I will upload it to my shop on etsy. See you soon.

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