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A Year of Abstraction

Hi folks, I finally got round to posting my first post here on my website for 2019. It only took me til March to do it!!👀

I have been absolutely loving creating abstract paintings over the last number of months.

I wanted to zoom into the worlds in the background of my brave and courageous characters.

So this year my focus is to create abstract landscapes.

While at uni I focused on abstraction and mark making. So it has been awesome to dive back in.

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Floating On A Cloud – Digital Painting

Finished my latest cutie entitled ‘Floating On A Cloud’. I am off to drool on the items I can put her and her parrot friend on. Link here to see more in my Redbubble Merchandise shop. 
Floating On a Cloud Merchandise

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Oil Painting

Oil painting this morning. Loving it. I want to start making my new big eyed beauties with the physical paint. I have tried mainly acrylic paint for years, but have realised that oil seems to give me the process I need in order to create my physical paint art. Look forward to some new work. Have a fun day. 🙂 

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Art for Today-Video Time Lapse


Video Timelapse

Timelapse of Verity

Hi everyone, I have to begin with an apology because I have neglected my website of late, due to my time creating. I intend to change that. I am currently writing out a schedule to keep me right.

I decided this year I would focus mainly in physical painting more than my digital work. It has been a challenge working with my current medium. I can be impatient while waiting for paint to dry. I have been using water soluble oils. These tend to dry faster and give the layering effect I have tried to use with regards to acrylics. Technically you can layer with acrylics but I didn’t get there. I may go back as my skills improve.


This is the cute Ballerina called ‘Verity’ as suggested by a friend; I painted her today. I loved the sudden realisation I made that enable me to create her so quickly. Will be using same approach going forward.

I have other videos on my YouTube channel that show current physical paintings so check them out and subscribe too. Every little bit helps. I am having so much fun regardless.


I will ill speak to you soon. 🙂 B

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Cat Balance – Beatrice Ajayi – Scottish Artist

Balancing Cat

Hello on this dry Wednesday. I have had a busy day planning strategies for my Business. I think it will involve some detailed thinking. I really am blessed with how far I have been able to achieve dreams, but there is still some more dreaming left.

I have been doing my usual research looking and reading and video watching on the tube for teaching on reaching more people who would really appreciate my work. Every artist has to think of this so I don’t feel awkward talking about it. It’s all part of running the buisness.

Outside of all the above I have been sketching and painting on my iPad and pen on paper. This cat digital painting is entitled ‘Cat Balancing’. You can view the process here: Cat Balance Video


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Preening Cat – art by Beatrice Ajayi

Preening Cat

Morning folks, hope you are doing well, if not I am thinking if you. I have been flowing in and out of different self-led and self imposed projects. I think of a theme I have wanted to do for ages, and then do a series or collection to kick it out of my system. Not through loathing but to get a very much needed fix on cuteness of that particular kind. One of these much needed fixes have been cats. image

The process video is here:
preening cat Video
This kitty is called the ‘preening Cat’. It is one of my favourite so far from my cat series. I have noticed that some subjects within my work have been set aside to some extent in my mind, and I have come to realise that probably subconsciously I have not felt I had the ingredient in my process to create them in the way I viewed them mentally. Let’s just say cats I had produced in my past were of different substance and message and style. I love this current experience in making these exciting characters and have more to come.

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A Brothers Care – art by Beatrice Ajayi – UK artist

A Brothers Care

Hi everyone it’s being a while. A lot going on. Moved location, new school for son and new nursery for daughter. But always my art is sustained however small. I would say generally I am a prolific creative. There is always something cooking in my thoughts. On of my recent cutie piece of artwork are these two. image
The process video is here:
A Brothers Care Video
It is inspired by observation of my 4 year old boy and 3 year old girl. It is endearing and heroic, trust is obvious and care for one another is the message of the day. Speak soon 🙂

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The Caravan #Art #Digital Beatrice Ajayi

The Caravan

Evening. About to close my eyes for the day. Sharing the first if my #Travellers series digital painting entitled ‘The Caravan’ I love the sky. It was a lot of fun creating this piece. 🙂 nite nite


p.s. Link here to see digital art process: The Caravan Timelapse Videoimage

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Love on The Still Waters – Valentine Art – Beatrice Ajayi

Love on the Still Waters

Here is my second #Valentine #digital #painting entitled ‘Love on The Still Waters’. It will be part of my collection of thirty called #whatvalentinesdo. I also have a link video of the process on the #procreate app link here: Love on The Still Waters

Keep warm and dry in this winter weather. Spy soon 🙂 image