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Happy New Year – 2015

Happy new year from me for 2015. Hope you had an amazing time crossing over to a new year, and here’s to having a prosperous 2015.

The word stirring around in my head so far for the year is storytelling. Therefore I will be narrating, a lot. I will be elaborating on my pieces of art. New and some old. Disscusing my thoughts at the time of their creation and other themes I noticed. Months later upon looking back.

I am grateful for the year just passed, 2014. Many didn’t have a great year. A lot of heartbreaking stuff kicked of around the world. Trying to hold on to the aspect of love joy and hope is not easy for lots of people. But I hope to tell stories and reflections that add a little positive distraction to the viewer of my little cuties and their unique adventures. Spk soon. 🙂

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Little Chimp Society – Tree Hug

Click here for one of the images I showcased in the news section on the Little Chimp society site . It is ‘Tree Hug’ This is an Empress who is in tune with her surroundings, and is in tune with her people.

Tree Hug, 8 x 10″ Original drawing £350, Medium: Ink pen on paper, Prints available on my shop. The Little Chimp Society site has a lot of illustrators and artists on their sight. They are full of some great examples of talent and creativity. Have a lovely day.