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Alice and The Cat Video Process – Art by Beatrice Ajayi

Alice & The Cat

Hi everyone, hope you all doing ok. I have been working on a variety of self directed projects. One of those projects I stumbled into. I decided to create some work in black and white sketchy style. It had been a while that I have done sketches as a focal point of my work. They are usually used as a stepping stool to colour work of late.

I sketched my first cutie and was inspire to create a series of Alice in wonderland sketchy drawings.
This is a link to the fourth in the series of work. You can find other process videos related to the Alice theme in my Channel under my name ‘Beatrice Ajayi’

You can view the process here: Alice & The Cat

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Valentine’s Day is Coming

Love on the Sea

Hi everyone hope your day has been wonderful. I realised recently after looking around in posts and ads on TVs that Valentines day is coming. I decided to try and do a collection of 30 images for greeting cards. Let’s hope I can print them on time. To post off to individuals who want them. Here is my first I am working on, entitled ‘Sail Away With Me’. Spk soon. 🙂 image

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Happy New Year – 2015

Happy new year from me for 2015. Hope you had an amazing time crossing over to a new year, and here’s to having a prosperous 2015.

The word stirring around in my head so far for the year is storytelling. Therefore I will be narrating, a lot. I will be elaborating on my pieces of art. New and some old. Disscusing my thoughts at the time of their creation and other themes I noticed. Months later upon looking back.

I am grateful for the year just passed, 2014. Many didn’t have a great year. A lot of heartbreaking stuff kicked of around the world. Trying to hold on to the aspect of love joy and hope is not easy for lots of people. But I hope to tell stories and reflections that add a little positive distraction to the viewer of my little cuties and their unique adventures. Spk soon. 🙂

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Beatrice Ajayi – Redbubble Print

Hi folks, I have uploaded my latest print on redbubble. You can find it here –
It is called Peeka Boo Empress. She has a rather extravagant hairdo.

I am having fun using my digital colouring software.
All prints make amazingly unique and Original gifts. I intend to order some prints from a giclee printer in Edinburgh soon, and may give some away.

Well I am off to do some more creating.

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Blackberry Phone, Blog and Artist Beatrice Ajayi

Hi everyone, I am so excited because this is my first Blackberry phone Blog. So hopefully I will be writing a little bit more than before. I just have to figure out how to add my pictures, mmmmh!

I have been working on a series of new works recently entitled ‘The Gypsy Series’. Check out my Shop for details. I intend to upload to the website as soon as I complete their calender collection.

Also check out my Zazzle, I have lots of goodies for sale, especially my Necklaces, Iphone cases and cute mugs. They would all make amazing gifts. Cheery Bye 🙂

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Artist of the week – Krista Hout

Hello everyone this my artist of the week segment. She is called Krista Hout. You can link to her sight here. Krista creates cute characters, mainly women. You find them in colourful dreamlike worlds. They have regal faces surrounded by long flowing lucious hair, and with their expressive eyes they tell their story. Enjoy her site when you get a chance. 🙂

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New Additions – Art by Beatrice Ajayi

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These two are new additions to my gallery. Their names from left to right are Little Empress Red Heart and The black Diamond Empress. Also check out my new calender here . Have a lovely weekend

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Illustration Mundo – Beatice Ajayi

Hiya, I have my Tree Hug image linked to the site as my advertising logo. Illustrationmundo is a place online for Illustrators to advertise their work and website. You are also linked to a large worldwide illustrator community, its great. I love finding outlets like this.

You can temporarily find me on this page here.

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Artist of the Week – Stella Im Hultberg

Hi folks, it has been a while since I did my artist of the week segment, so here it is, Stella Im Hultberg is based in Brooklyn New York. She uses Oils and pens amongst some other mediums. I love her sketch books, it just takes me back to my uni days. I do do sketches but I haven’t been limiting them to specific sketch books, though looking at her books is tempting to try it again. She puts alot of sweat into her pieces, as can be seen while looking at her progress pieces. My main appeal of her work is her style. Through her figurative work she introduces a rich mix of colours. Never having seen her work in real life, my feeling is that the characters would shimmer of the canvas or wood, inviting you to enter their world. Have a look at her site for more insight to her work at

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T-shirt – Redbubble

Hi everyone and a Merry Christmas to you all. Its been a long time, but there have been quite alot going on. New additions to the family and what_nots:)

Anyways check out my new T-shirts on, especially the Black Olive Signature T-Shirt, Click here for more details.