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Love on The Still Waters – Valentine Art – Beatrice Ajayi

Love on the Still Waters

Here is my second #Valentine #digital #painting entitled ‘Love on The Still Waters’. It will be part of my collection of thirty called #whatvalentinesdo. I also have a link video of the process on the #procreate app link here: Love on The Still Waters

Keep warm and dry in this winter weather. Spy soon 🙂 image

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Valentine’s Day is Coming

Love on the Sea

Hi everyone hope your day has been wonderful. I realised recently after looking around in posts and ads on TVs that Valentines day is coming. I decided to try and do a collection of 30 images for greeting cards. Let’s hope I can print them on time. To post off to individuals who want them. Here is my first I am working on, entitled ‘Sail Away With Me’. Spk soon. 🙂 image

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Puffin and I go for a swim, digital art by Beatrice Ajayi

Puffin and I go for a swim

This a quick post, I have a cough that the whole family currently have and I really should be asleep. I am in bed typing this, so I am mostly there. This piece I did a couple of hours ago. It’s called-‘Puffin and I Go For a Swim’it is available as an A5 print from my etsy shop. If you need an A4 size that is also doable. Just contact me at my contact tab above or convo me on etsy. Nite nite. B

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The Crowned Owl

The Crowned Owl

This piece is part of my continuous experimentation with colour. Green with yellow accents infused within.

I’d say I am always looking for unusual friendships for my characters. They tend to be lonely individuals who don’t seem to have close friends they can talk to. Therefore they have these quaint or dangerous animals sometimes who they feel free to share their fears and ideas with.

This particular friend has a crown so is of royal standing. I don’t see him just listening but he will have a lot t o say too.

The crowned owl is a prince amongst birds,
Watch him fly and believe all that you have heard,
proud but loyal and a straight talker,
He hates a quarrel,
He Loves completely and rules without timidity…
Verse by yours truly…Beatrice Ajayi

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The Story of ‘The Tear Jar’ by Beatrice Ajayi

The Tear Jar II

The tear jar piece symbolises the sorrows of life and being real. It speaks of Intense emotions, sadness, loss, promise, hope; I have created a handful of artwork with crying individuals. Sometimes the reasons are obvious, for example if they are in a situation of peril. Occasionally like ‘The Tear Jar’ piece it isn’t so obvious.

If I take it to a personal level I don’t always cry in public. Most of the time in my adult life. I take my tears elsewhere, and it would be a lovely idea that the most precious tear filled moments could be remembered with a tear jar. If I expand on it a little more I don’t know if they already exist in some cultures. I do remember a depiction in a film about the roman emperor Nero saving the tear he cried for a close friend in a little vile.

Anyways this art piece is specifically about storing tears, obviously precious on some level. Do they ever dry out? Do they have a lovely aroma or are off putting to the nasal passage.

Either way my little character looks very determined to keep on saving them. That is not a small jar she is holding.

I still have to tweak some areas before its finished finally. I will try and tell the back story for another piece tomorrow.

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The Tear Jar – by Beatrice Ajayi

On my list of to dos

These are some work in progress. More inking then painting begins. These have already got one layer of gesso and an ink/acrylic mix. So that the paint won’t tear the thin paper I have adhered to the cardboard.

The Tear Jar

The coloured pieces are examples of some I have already started painting, with layers of coloured gesso laced through out. The colour piece on the left is called ‘The Tear Jar’

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Redbubble Shop – Beatrice Ajayi

I haven’t mentioned my Redbubble shop of late. Just click onto the link here and you will get to the main page. There are T-shirts, framed pictures or prints and babywear. Have fun!

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Artist of the Week – Dan May

Hi everyone, Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was quiet busy, but all good fun time relaxing and creating art. My artist for this week is Dan May. You can link to his website here. Dan works on his surreal paintings using oils. He has really mastered his technique and style. He paints strange little fairytale like characters he created. He also paints figurative narratives emersed in sublime worlds with unique yet almost recognisable surroundings. I like his skill with oils. Link to his site and explore.

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Little Chimp Society – Tree Hug

Click here for one of the images I showcased in the news section on the Little Chimp society site . It is ‘Tree Hug’ This is an Empress who is in tune with her surroundings, and is in tune with her people.

Tree Hug, 8 x 10″ Original drawing £350, Medium: Ink pen on paper, Prints available on my shop. The Little Chimp Society site has a lot of illustrators and artists on their sight. They are full of some great examples of talent and creativity. Have a lovely day.