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Happy New Year – 2015

Happy new year from me for 2015. Hope you had an amazing time crossing over to a new year, and here’s to having a prosperous 2015.

The word stirring around in my head so far for the year is storytelling. Therefore I will be narrating, a lot. I will be elaborating on my pieces of art. New and some old. Disscusing my thoughts at the time of their creation and other themes I noticed. Months later upon looking back.

I am grateful for the year just passed, 2014. Many didn’t have a great year. A lot of heartbreaking stuff kicked of around the world. Trying to hold on to the aspect of love joy and hope is not easy for lots of people. But I hope to tell stories and reflections that add a little positive distraction to the viewer of my little cuties and their unique adventures. Spk soon. 🙂

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Colour Work

I have decided that for the next couple of months I will focus on coloured work.  Alot of people have mentioned it, and though I do work in colour. I am making it an aim to do more. I am using watercolour at the moment.

The first image to the left is of ‘Empress Benaiah and the Upside down World’ The sea creatures live in the air and the land creatures in the sea. I made it up, lets see where it goes.

The other image is of ‘Empress Maki and Koshi the giant Snail’ In this scene Empress Maki is giving Koshi a gift.

I will update with more work as I go along.

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Vulture and Snail

Vulture_&_SnailThis is an illustration for a children’s story I am working on for a personal project.

Snail is unaware that its not his suitcase causing the extra weight on his back, naughty Vulture!

I intend to post more children’s book ideas and comics in the near future. I have quite alot of them.

I will hopefully organise myself to put at least one a month to start off!