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A Year of Abstraction

Hi folks, I finally got round to posting my first post here on my website for 2019. It only took me til March to do it!!đź‘€

I have been absolutely loving creating abstract paintings over the last number of months.

I wanted to zoom into the worlds in the background of my brave and courageous characters.

So this year my focus is to create abstract landscapes.

While at uni I focused on abstraction and mark making. So it has been awesome to dive back in.

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Today I visited a friend of mine. We talked about some inspirational stuff that can enhance both of our approaches to the art that we do. Also she gave me info on a local art fair I would like to get involved in, more of that later. Below are some of my abstract paintings of acrylic on paper. They are not recent work, but I have been getting some more ideas looking at them. They were fun to do. I did over sixty of them in a manic of inspiration. I will hopefully show most of them in my gallery under ‘Abstracts’ soon.Beat-38-40Beat-32-40Beat-59-60