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Artist of the Week – Stella Im Hultberg

Hi folks, it has been a while since I did my artist of the week segment, so here it is, Stella Im Hultberg is based in Brooklyn New York. She uses Oils and pens amongst some other mediums. I love her sketch books, it just takes me back to my uni days. I do do sketches but I haven’t been limiting them to specific sketch books, though looking at her books is tempting to try it again. She puts alot of sweat into her pieces, as can be seen while looking at her progress pieces. My main appeal of her work is her style. Through her figurative work she introduces a rich mix of colours. Never having seen her work in real life, my feeling is that the characters would shimmer of the canvas or wood, inviting you to enter their world. Have a look at her site for more insight to her work at

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The image on my left is entitled ‘The Angels Umbrella’ it is not very clear because it was too big for my scanner, it is acrylic on canvas. It may also be in the upcoming exhibition for december. I also have another art piece called the ‘Angel on the Rock’ for the exhibition.

This coming week is going to be full of adventure. I have a meeting with a lady called Roz who owns a cafe on Sauchiehall street called IFULL coffee. I will hopefully be hanging some of my work there for sale. (Will confirm how it goes), she has also offered me the opportunity to do art workshops. So I have some ideas for that already.

Thursday I intend to visit the Line Gallery (I will expand on this later)

In between are other little bits and bobs still to finalise.

Have a bonny day.

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The sketch for this month has been missed unfortunately, due to a busy scheduel. But I should be back on form soon, once I get my current deadlines out of the way.

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It has been a while since I have posted any art work. To my left is one of the coloured work I have been doing recently in acrylic. I intend to take better pictures for posting later.

This little character is called ‘The Postbox Angel’, she isn’t finished yet, but this is a wee preview. She is part of a group of paintings I am doing for a December exhibition at the Line Gallery in Linlithgow, Scotland, The exhibition is called ‘The waiting Angel’ and it is from November 28th to December 24th.

I am hoping to have something for the November exhibition, it is called ‘Objects of Desire’, November 7th to November 24th.