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A Year of Abstraction

Hi folks, I finally got round to posting my first post here on my website for 2019. It only took me til March to do it!!👀

I have been absolutely loving creating abstract paintings over the last number of months.

I wanted to zoom into the worlds in the background of my brave and courageous characters.

So this year my focus is to create abstract landscapes.

While at uni I focused on abstraction and mark making. So it has been awesome to dive back in.

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You will never believe what I heard!

You will never believe what I heard..

This is one of my figurative abstract images created on made with paper app 53. I made a sale of one of this image today, I am grateful to The Lord for each and every sale over the years at the different points of my life. Thank you to the buyer, I hope the print I send will fulfil your expectations. You can find this print at my etsy shop, just use the shop tab to get you there. it is entitled ‘you will never believe what I heard’. There are also other goodies on my zazzle and Redbubble sites. Nite nite everyone.

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Abstract art Journaling paintings by Beatrice Ajayi

Hi everyone, hope you had a great week. I have been working on a number of ideas recently and can’t wait to share them, the first idea is my venturing into ACEO’s with my abstract art and returning to abstract artwork for a while.

I have been trying to focus my work to a more personal level, I intend to spend even longer assessing and re-assessing each piece. I want them to be like jewels. Full of ‘yummy colours’ and also leaving me more open and vulnerable in the pieces.

Enjoy The Day - Beatrice Ajayi


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The Empresses – Beatrice Ajayi

Hi folks, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have been busy as usual trying out new techniques. I have added new images with the results. The first is The Bored Empress and the second is The Frightened Empress. I did the outlines some years back and filled them in a couple of days ago. I hope you like my colour experiment. I have uploaded them onto my Redbubble shop as objects for sale. They are shown below enjoy.

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Christmas Craft Fair – Ifull Coffee


I decided to upload some images of handmade cards I have created for an up and coming craft fair in November. It is a Christmas fair at Ifull Coffee, a cafe based in Glasgow. You can find out more about the Cafe here. These designs are abstract, not the usual christmas designs. My idea is to focus more on the textured colours of the season. They are 3Dimensional and very detailed close up.