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The Launch – PosCatDesigns – by Beatrice Ajayi

Milo Wow! Finally its here, follow this link to view my Posh Cat goodies at Redbubble PoshCatDesigns is my new brand featuring cute tabbies on a wide range of products. PoshCatDesigns is a new brand of products. All Deisgns make wonderful gifts for cat lovers. They are Cute, Fun & Exciting. You will definately find one to love and take home. If you would also like merchandise designed for a specific mully or tabby of your own, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can find Milo above and all his friends in the Posh Cat gallery in my website menu above.

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Artist of the week – Amy Sol

My artist for this week is Amy Sol. You can find her website link here. She is another amazingly talented artist. I love the soft tints of her colours. Her work is impressive, it has alot of unique characters displayed from one painting to the next. She is so interesting because she also mixes her own colour pigments, she also lets the wood grain she paints on to play a part in the work, very kool.

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Hybrid Collection

These three guys are part of my ‘Hybrid Collection’ I am working on some more. I post a reminder about them here on my blog when ever I add them to the Gallery collection. Just click on each image to see the larger size of them. The names of each image top to bottom is ‘Leporidae Elapids’, ‘Antler Turtle’ or tortimoose as a fan of his called him and ‘Hairy Nosed Seahorse’ Take Careleporidae-elapids-webantler-turtle-webhairy-nosed-seahorse-web

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Colour Work

I have decided that for the next couple of months I will focus on coloured work.  Alot of people have mentioned it, and though I do work in colour. I am making it an aim to do more. I am using watercolour at the moment.

The first image to the left is of ‘Empress Benaiah and the Upside down World’ The sea creatures live in the air and the land creatures in the sea. I made it up, lets see where it goes.

The other image is of ‘Empress Maki and Koshi the giant Snail’ In this scene Empress Maki is giving Koshi a gift.

I will update with more work as I go along.