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Cat Balance – Beatrice Ajayi – Scottish Artist

Balancing Cat

Hello on this dry Wednesday. I have had a busy day planning strategies for my Business. I think it will involve some detailed thinking. I really am blessed with how far I have been able to achieve dreams, but there is still some more dreaming left.

I have been doing my usual research looking and reading and video watching on the tube for teaching on reaching more people who would really appreciate my work. Every artist has to think of this so I don’t feel awkward talking about it. It’s all part of running the buisness.

Outside of all the above I have been sketching and painting on my iPad and pen on paper. This cat digital painting is entitled ‘Cat Balancing’. You can view the process here: Cat Balance Video


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Mysterious Ant

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Mysterious Ant is my image of the day. He is a shoveller. If you take a look at his feet you can see how large they are. I would say this little guy would be the hero of the story. He looks like a cute but determined character. I like the blue halo around him it adds to the mystery. The purple atmosphere seems to dangerous some how. Like it is closing in on the ant. It was drawn with pen first then digitally coloured using the airbrush effect.