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Art Post – Beatrice Ajayi

Lawn Empress

This is my Art Post for the day. I did the drawing of the empress then used digital software to put the background in and the overall colouring. I am trying to get more comfortable using my digital software. It is fun when it eventually produces a result. Look out for more in the coming days on my Art Post. Have a bonny day everyone.

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Little Chimp Society – Owl Carrier

Click here for my latest news on the Little Chimp society site. It is the Owl Carrier illustration. The Little Chimp Society site has a lot of illustrators and artists on their sight. They are full of some great examples of talent and creativity.

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Mysterious Ant

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Mysterious Ant is my image of the day. He is a shoveller. If you take a look at his feet you can see how large they are. I would say this little guy would be the hero of the story. He looks like a cute but determined character. I like the blue halo around him it adds to the mystery. The purple atmosphere seems to dangerous some how. Like it is closing in on the ant. It was drawn with pen first then digitally coloured using the airbrush effect.

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Sketch of the Month

This is my first ever sketch of a comic on my site. It is called ‘Detective Clueso and the Mystery of the Litter-Bug’. I did this a while ago, when I rediscovered it in my boxes of artwork it still made me giggle.

I am thinking I will do another at the start of next month. So stay tuned. It will keep me producing new work, at least that is my aim.

I still have some new images to add in the gallery, it will all happen at some point.

On saturday the 29th August, I was part of the ‘Art Market’ on Byres Road at Hillhead Library. It was a good experience. Being my first time there I met alot of friendly people.

I would like to do it again definately. I will let you know when I am there next.

Have a great day.