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Art Post – Beatrice Ajayi

Lawn Empress

This is my Art Post for the day. I did the drawing of the empress then used digital software to put the background in and the overall colouring. I am trying to get more comfortable using my digital software. It is fun when it eventually produces a result. Look out for more in the coming days on my Art Post. Have a bonny day everyone.

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Sketch of the Month

This is my first ever sketch of a comic on my site. It is called ‘Detective Clueso and the Mystery of the Litter-Bug’. I did this a while ago, when I rediscovered it in my boxes of artwork it still made me giggle.

I am thinking I will do another at the start of next month. So stay tuned. It will keep me producing new work, at least that is my aim.

I still have some new images to add in the gallery, it will all happen at some point.

On saturday the 29th August, I was part of the ‘Art Market’ on Byres Road at Hillhead Library. It was a good experience. Being my first time there I met alot of friendly people.

I would like to do it again definately. I will let you know when I am there next.

Have a great day.