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Catch up

Hello all, since my last post of the floating worlds alot has happened, both ‘Crocs ribbon’ and ‘The Slippery Twins’ are part of an exhibition in the Line Gallery, Linlithgow, Scotland.

I have been working on some more colour pieces. It has been exciting using ink pens with other colours and not just black. I just want to highlight my t-shirts are still available at redbubble and zazzle. So link each them site from the home page.

I will hopefully add some more images soon.

Take care

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Sketch of the Month

This is my first ever sketch of a comic on my site. It is called ‘Detective Clueso and the Mystery of the Litter-Bug’. I did this a while ago, when I rediscovered it in my boxes of artwork it still made me giggle.

I am thinking I will do another at the start of next month. So stay tuned. It will keep me producing new work, at least that is my aim.

I still have some new images to add in the gallery, it will all happen at some point.

On saturday the 29th August, I was part of the ‘Art Market’ on Byres Road at Hillhead Library. It was a good experience. Being my first time there I met alot of friendly people.

I would like to do it again definately. I will let you know when I am there next.

Have a great day.