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Sketching Ballerina’s – by Scottish Artist Beatrice Ajayi

I have really been enjoying sketching my little characters. I have so many it’s becoming ridiculous to find the time to colour them. I created this cutie pie today. Hope you love her. Will start thinking of colours that may suit her. Hope you are having a great week so far. 🙂 image

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Angler Fish is My Favourite Animal

Morning, I thought I would share the art process for this little Angler a Fish. This is a digital painting done completely in procreate and my approach in colouring him in is slightly different. I usually use the colour black to sketch.

image 1 angler fish

Image 1: I used a mustard colour to do the basic sketch of my little character. The animals in the favourite animal series Vary in size and I always try to make them flow together, the child and animal.

image 2 angler fish

Image 2: here I start to add the colour of the fish. It’s a kind of rust brown. My research revealed different dark tones that the angler fish has. I really liked this warmer colour. Once I know what colours I am using. It starts to create adventurous associate colours.

image 3 angler fish

Image 3: for some reason a turquoise blue popped into my head. I tend to expand to the range of shades within a colour group. So in my next picture I add other blues to that particular section.

image 4 angler fish

Image 4: I have added the skin tone. The rustic brown is also on the lower body area now and it’s all about tying it all together.

image 5 final angler fish

Image 5: the Finished artwork. I have tried to take on the persona of the boy in tandem with the expected awkwardness and ugliness of the Angler Fish.

This is a video of the process on YouTube.

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New Additions – Art by Beatrice Ajayi

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These two are new additions to my gallery. Their names from left to right are Little Empress Red Heart and The black Diamond Empress. Also check out my new calender here . Have a lovely weekend

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The Card Empresses

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Good noontime everyone, I have posted to my left here two new pieces that can be found on my shop. They come as unlimited prints, cards or postcards. I am hoping to create a calender once I have completed the rest. The medium I used is gesso,acrylic,pen and digital. The idea is to use the theme object of cards to create empresses. The two images are titled as ‘Black Spade Empress’ and ‘Black Heart Empress’ People always ask if I am thinking of alice in wonderland when I do my really detailed work. I am not, I just love the idea of Empresses in different worlds. It really is just one approach of outlining their kingdoms for me.

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Art Post – Beatrice Ajayi

Lawn Empress

This is my Art Post for the day. I did the drawing of the empress then used digital software to put the background in and the overall colouring. I am trying to get more comfortable using my digital software. It is fun when it eventually produces a result. Look out for more in the coming days on my Art Post. Have a bonny day everyone.

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Staying out of the Rain

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I last posted something on my blog. I have been busy trying out new approaches to my work. I am continuosly experimenting. I have put one of my latest creations in to the gallery. It is called ‘Staying out of the Rain’ and can be found in the Colour gallery. It can also be found on my redbubble site, where you can buy a print only or framed print. I hope to put alot new images into the gallery soon, so watch this space:)