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The Story of ‘The Tear Jar’ by Beatrice Ajayi

The Tear Jar II

The tear jar piece symbolises the sorrows of life and being real. It speaks of Intense emotions, sadness, loss, promise, hope; I have created a handful of artwork with crying individuals. Sometimes the reasons are obvious, for example if they are in a situation of peril. Occasionally like ‘The Tear Jar’ piece it isn’t so obvious.

If I take it to a personal level I don’t always cry in public. Most of the time in my adult life. I take my tears elsewhere, and it would be a lovely idea that the most precious tear filled moments could be remembered with a tear jar. If I expand on it a little more I don’t know if they already exist in some cultures. I do remember a depiction in a film about the roman emperor Nero saving the tear he cried for a close friend in a little vile.

Anyways this art piece is specifically about storing tears, obviously precious on some level. Do they ever dry out? Do they have a lovely aroma or are off putting to the nasal passage.

Either way my little character looks very determined to keep on saving them. That is not a small jar she is holding.

I still have to tweak some areas before its finished finally. I will try and tell the back story for another piece tomorrow.

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Musings and current work – Beatrice Ajayi

I am really working hard to get my technique and inspirations fine tuned. I get easily distracted as to how to approach a Piece of work. I have an idea I want to do then I put a mark on the page that inspires me for something else. I am constantly asking myself why I draw or paint what I Do.

i love my abstract work and know I will never let it go, I love my figurative work also. So I am continuously trying to marry the two.

In my figurative work I want to put so much detail, and hadn’t found a way of doing it that I Enjoyed until a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have been churning, yes! Churning out the work. But I know I still have some way to go in that department.
Bear Hug

Red Hearts on My Green Dress

Me and Molly the squirrel

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New project-week by week Art

Hi everyone, it’s not been too long since my last post I hope. I really struggled with my blogs for a while. I wouldn’t blog if I thought I had nothing to say. But that hasn’t been correct on my part. I work on my art everyday, so how can there be nothing to say. In between changing diapers and feeding my little ones I am always sketching or updating my Etsy and Redbubble shops. My etsy shop provides signed art work straight from me, Prints and originals.

Anyways I digress, I decided my new project shall be creating one artwork each week specifically for my blog. Each day I will put my progress of the said art on my blog. At the end of the 5th day the original will be for sale on my etsy shop.

I will title them WeekArt1-month2013 or something like that, I may use its actual name too.

I will start that Monday 22 April 2013 so look out for that.

Here are some snap shots of stuff I have been working on.

Blue Afro
Blue Afro

Have a great day. B

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GirlyGirl – New Brand Launch – By Beatrice Ajayi

New GirlyGirl Tee

Above is a link of one of my ‘GirlyGirl’ brand t-shirts. There are stickers too for little girls who want to stick them on their diaries, journals, bikes, scooters, schoolbooks and even faces. They last up to 18months outside and are very affordable. I can create special images n personalize them to individuals too. 4 boyz n girls

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Its official, I am now on twitter. Please join me if you can on the following link:
Also I have had alot of ideas buzzing around in my head regarding my art work. We will see how it goes.

I just came across an illustrator called Mark Crilley. He is very kool. Check out some of his art tutorials on You Tube: