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T-shirt – Redbubble

Hi everyone and a Merry Christmas to you all. Its been a long time, but there have been quite alot going on. New additions to the family and what_nots:)

Anyways check out my new T-shirts on, especially the Black Olive Signature T-Shirt, Click here for more details.

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Beatrice Ajayi – Redbubble

This blog is to highlight another site that you can buy my merchandise on. It is called redbubble and you can link from here. You can buy framed prints of my work or laminated prints to hoodies and t-shirts. The owl carrier t-shirt is pretty popular. Cards, postcards and baby clothes are also for sale. I have decided to use it as my shop link instead of my zazzle for the moment. If you would like other merchandise from my zazzle, like shoes, skateboards and mugs you can link to the Zazzle picture slides in the side bar or home page. 🙂

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Catch up

Hello all, since my last post of the floating worlds alot has happened, both ‘Crocs ribbon’ and ‘The Slippery Twins’ are part of an exhibition in the Line Gallery, Linlithgow, Scotland.

I have been working on some more colour pieces. It has been exciting using ink pens with other colours and not just black. I just want to highlight my t-shirts are still available at redbubble and zazzle. So link each them site from the home page.

I will hopefully add some more images soon.

Take care