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Sketch of the Month

This is my first ever sketch of a comic on my site. It is called ‘Detective Clueso and the Mystery of the Litter-Bug’. I did this a while ago, when I rediscovered it in my boxes of artwork it still made me giggle.

I am thinking I will do another at the start of next month. So stay tuned. It will keep me producing new work, at least that is my aim.

I still have some new images to add in the gallery, it will all happen at some point.

On saturday the 29th August, I was part of the ‘Art Market’ on Byres Road at Hillhead Library. It was a good experience. Being my first time there I met alot of friendly people.

I would like to do it again definately. I will let you know when I am there next.

Have a great day.

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Art News

The_Lonely_Heart_EmpressHi everyone, to my left is one of the many items I sold on the 15th of August at the craft fair in Langside Hall southside Glasgow. It is always a joy to see someone appreciate your work. Thank you very much to all those who did buy from me.

It was my second attendance and though it rained, people still turned up. It was busier than my first fair in June 2009, and was wonderful to get all the feedback I got. The other craft members were a friendly bunch indeed. I am glad I was a part of it.

I will be part of the Art Market in the Westend of Glasgow on the 29th of August. It is situated on Byres road at the Hillhead library. It begins at 12 noon till 4.30 pm. All are welcome.  It is short notice but it is on the last Saturday of every month I am told (will verify). There will be other artists present and should be a fun day.

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Today I visited a friend of mine. We talked about some inspirational stuff that can enhance both of our approaches to the art that we do. Also she gave me info on a local art fair I would like to get involved in, more of that later. Below are some of my abstract paintings of acrylic on paper. They are not recent work, but I have been getting some more ideas looking at them. They were fun to do. I did over sixty of them in a manic of inspiration. I will hopefully show most of them in my gallery under ‘Abstracts’ soon.Beat-38-40Beat-32-40Beat-59-60

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Hey! here are my T-shirts. Cool isn’t it…

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Vulture and Snail

Vulture_&_SnailThis is an illustration for a children’s story I am working on for a personal project.

Snail is unaware that its not his suitcase causing the extra weight on his back, naughty Vulture!

I intend to post more children’s book ideas and comics in the near future. I have quite alot of them.

I will hopefully organise myself to put at least one a month to start off!