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Artist of the Week – Aubrey Beardsley versus Beatrice Ajayi

Hi everyone my famous line, ‘its been a while’ is used once again. I decided to get back to my artist of the week segment. This sunny week in april i am looking at Aubrey Beardsley. I have lost count of the amount of people who have said my work reminds them of his work. So I made an effort to looking at some of his work.

We do have similarities, our subject is the female form, we both have alot of Black and White images, and we love to use ink, be it pen or printing techniques.

We both have a narrative within our images – in this area is were we diverge strongly. Beardsleys content have been recognised as being quite erotic. I aim to look for an innocence in my subjects. Even though my Empresses are sometimes adults, their focus is on the wisdoms they can gain to govern their countries well. So since being aware of Beardsley it has been with a pinch of salt that I take our comparism.

It gives me great comfort when someone actually asks me what my work is about and doesnt just base it on the visual connections of other artists.

Regardless of my rantings Beardsley’s skill as an artist, illustrator and storyteller are undeniable. To read of artists that made an income in the medium of ink in his days and compare with our modern times is intriging. Alot of viewers of my work always wish i worked in colour. Appreciation of my medium is not that great, which is amazing considering they usually like my work.

Beardsley likes his silhouette and dark backgrounds, which I tend to stay away from. I use the patterns and detail on my images to to show a richness possibly missing in not applying colour. My patterns are the colour.

Check out the link above in bold of Beardlsey’s name to look at his work. See if his or my work share similarities in your mind.

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Illustration Mundo – Beatice Ajayi

Hiya, I have my Tree Hug image linked to the site as my advertising logo. Illustrationmundo is a place online for Illustrators to advertise their work and website. You are also linked to a large worldwide illustrator community, its great. I love finding outlets like this.

You can temporarily find me on this page here.

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Artist of the Week – Stella Im Hultberg

Hi folks, it has been a while since I did my artist of the week segment, so here it is, Stella Im Hultberg is based in Brooklyn New York. She uses Oils and pens amongst some other mediums. I love her sketch books, it just takes me back to my uni days. I do do sketches but I haven’t been limiting them to specific sketch books, though looking at her books is tempting to try it again. She puts alot of sweat into her pieces, as can be seen while looking at her progress pieces. My main appeal of her work is her style. Through her figurative work she introduces a rich mix of colours. Never having seen her work in real life, my feeling is that the characters would shimmer of the canvas or wood, inviting you to enter their world. Have a look at her site for more insight to her work at

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The Empresses – Beatrice Ajayi

Hi folks, hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have been busy as usual trying out new techniques. I have added new images with the results. The first is The Bored Empress and the second is The Frightened Empress. I did the outlines some years back and filled them in a couple of days ago. I hope you like my colour experiment. I have uploaded them onto my Redbubble shop as objects for sale. They are shown below enjoy.

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Happy New Year- Beatrice Ajayi

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. It was full of the bustling business that is prevailent at the time of year. I have some new artwork on the home page to start off the new season, so please have a look. Also there are a lot of new t-shirts for the tee fans out there. The ‘Origin’ series is a concept I am looking at as designs for my tees. I have also got some t-shirts with the theme of Africa. The is more to come, so enjoy and I will post more information soon. 🙂

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Christmas Craft Fair – Ifull Coffee


I decided to upload some images of handmade cards I have created for an up and coming craft fair in November. It is a Christmas fair at Ifull Coffee, a cafe based in Glasgow. You can find out more about the Cafe here. These designs are abstract, not the usual christmas designs. My idea is to focus more on the textured colours of the season. They are 3Dimensional and very detailed close up.

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Redbubble Shop – Beatrice Ajayi

I haven’t mentioned my Redbubble shop of late. Just click onto the link here and you will get to the main page. There are T-shirts, framed pictures or prints and babywear. Have fun!

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Artist of the week – Ana Bagayan

I have been thinking lately that I will start to list artists on my site. I like a variety of artist styles and talents. I am starting with Ana Bagayan. If you click here it links to her site. Ana’s work is surreal. She puts alot of long hours in to produce her pieces. She works in Pencil, ink and oils. You can watch her working on some of her pieces on her site.