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Labelling and packaging


Hello everyone, the weather here can’t make up its mind, sun ,snow, hail and rain… Oh well! I am warm inside painting on my iPad. Also printing labels for my greeting cards. Still need to load all my greeting cards that are available. Great unique cards for sons,nephews,grandsons,brothers and cousins. Have a lovely afternoon. 🙂








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Love on The Still Waters – Valentine Art – Beatrice Ajayi

Love on the Still Waters

Here is my second #Valentine #digital #painting entitled ‘Love on The Still Waters’. It will be part of my collection of thirty called #whatvalentinesdo. I also have a link video of the process on the #procreate app link here: Love on The Still Waters

Keep warm and dry in this winter weather. Spy soon 🙂 image

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Alice and The Chair – Amazon Ebook – Beatrice Ajayi

Alice and the Chair

Hi, hope your day has been safe and well. Thinking of those based in Paris at this time.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been buying my art for little ones and my online classes for themselves or friends. I am very grateful for you appreciation and support. My heart is always open to you, we are together in this journey.

Alice and the ChairI also want to mention a wee ebook I created last year (2014) Always awesome to have on the road for that princess that can’t settle down. **Link here:

Spk soon. 🙂

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Valentine’s Day is Coming

Love on the Sea

Hi everyone hope your day has been wonderful. I realised recently after looking around in posts and ads on TVs that Valentines day is coming. I decided to try and do a collection of 30 images for greeting cards. Let’s hope I can print them on time. To post off to individuals who want them. Here is my first I am working on, entitled ‘Sail Away With Me’. Spk soon. 🙂 image

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Painting and collaging papers

Afternoon all, I hope you are doing ok. I have been totally carried away painting since morning. These mixed media pieces are to be cut up for my ‘spheres’I sell in my Etsy shop Arttizan. Posting from my website blog and sharing on FB. So if you wanna know what I am up to throughout. 2015, that’s were I am. Have a fun day. 🙂

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Duck Chick Friends

Duck Chick Friends

Good evening to ya. Hope your day has been ok, and if it hasn’t I am thinking of you. I am finished with these cuties ‘Duck Chick Friends’ #whatsiblingsdo #3, for digital process link here:


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Happy New Year – 2015

Happy new year from me for 2015. Hope you had an amazing time crossing over to a new year, and here’s to having a prosperous 2015.

The word stirring around in my head so far for the year is storytelling. Therefore I will be narrating, a lot. I will be elaborating on my pieces of art. New and some old. Disscusing my thoughts at the time of their creation and other themes I noticed. Months later upon looking back.

I am grateful for the year just passed, 2014. Many didn’t have a great year. A lot of heartbreaking stuff kicked of around the world. Trying to hold on to the aspect of love joy and hope is not easy for lots of people. But I hope to tell stories and reflections that add a little positive distraction to the viewer of my little cuties and their unique adventures. Spk soon. 🙂

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Scarecrow Murders Trilogy: Origins – Beatrice Ajayi

I am so excited to announce my new Ebook crime fiction book Origins: The Scarecrow Murders Trilogy. It’s the first book of three and you can find it following this link to
Book I: Origins

Origins front cover

I have always loved writing and Amazon Kindle publishing has made it possible. Let me know what you think. It’s priced affordable, I want everyone to have access to my storytelling 🙂

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New Art illustrations – ‘What Boys Do’

CatchHi, hope you are well. I have been thinking recently of focusing on some work based on boys at play, I am calling the series ‘What Boys Do’. It’s been fun zooming in on these illustrations, usually I do a lot of girl characters. I have had ideas for these sketches for sometime. It’s going to be a fun process. It will be good if I can produce at least 30 images. I already did this little cutie called ‘Catch’