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New Art illustrations – ‘What Boys Do’

CatchHi, hope you are well. I have been thinking recently of focusing on some work based on boys at play, I am calling the series ‘What Boys Do’. It’s been fun zooming in on these illustrations, usually I do a lot of girl characters. I have had ideas for these sketches for sometime. It’s going to be a fun process. It will be good if I can produce at least 30 images. I already did this little cutie called ‘Catch’

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Angler Fish is My Favourite Animal

Morning, I thought I would share the art process for this little Angler a Fish. This is a digital painting done completely in procreate and my approach in colouring him in is slightly different. I usually use the colour black to sketch.

image 1 angler fish

Image 1: I used a mustard colour to do the basic sketch of my little character. The animals in the favourite animal series Vary in size and I always try to make them flow together, the child and animal.

image 2 angler fish

Image 2: here I start to add the colour of the fish. It’s a kind of rust brown. My research revealed different dark tones that the angler fish has. I really liked this warmer colour. Once I know what colours I am using. It starts to create adventurous associate colours.

image 3 angler fish

Image 3: for some reason a turquoise blue popped into my head. I tend to expand to the range of shades within a colour group. So in my next picture I add other blues to that particular section.

image 4 angler fish

Image 4: I have added the skin tone. The rustic brown is also on the lower body area now and it’s all about tying it all together.

image 5 final angler fish

Image 5: the Finished artwork. I have tried to take on the persona of the boy in tandem with the expected awkwardness and ugliness of the Angler Fish.

This is a video of the process on YouTube.

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Hi folks, hope your day has been lovely. Recently I have been thinking about my art and what I am presently about. I feel that as the years go by as an artist, it’s good to have a new look at my work. My values might have changed. My ideas may have shifted. But hopefully not so much that I loose myself. The plumb line self. My portraits still read as figures of innocence. I read the playfulness of childhood. The appreciation if nature. The physicality in dance. Representation of kids and family. More soon..

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Painting process I


1) Layered paper and first topping of acrylic


2) Second layer of acrylic findings form and structure with colours I want to use.


3) drawing in object, item or character.


4) more layers


5) basically finished. Will look back on it in a few days if more work is required. I loved doing this painting. Fun in deed. Thank you for reading it.